Slnečná masírovaná lampa

Slnečná masírovaná lampa

Mason Jar Solárny veko Light up String Hanging Lucerna LED Powered Canning Decor


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dekoratívne string svetložiarovkya batérienapájanie ledstring svetlos of rôzny druhy na satisfy your potrebypreMason jar svetlo.

Solárne panely: Monokrystal

Battery: 1*NI-MH 200mAh AAA batérie

Typ LED: 10 bielych LED

Materiál: sklo

Solar Mason cans are suitable preany location because they do not require electricity a require simple sunsvetlo charging. Built-in svetlo sensor that aunamatically turns on at night a turns off during the day na save charging energy.

Take a look at these images a imagine our LED Mason jar svetlos hanging in the air on your desknap or during the ceremony. Create a beautiful, romantic atmosphere prethe modern wedding that you a your guests look forward na.

Suitable preindoor or outdoor use, each Mason jar is made of thick glass, including our patented LED Mason Jar cover, built-in 10/15/20 fairy LED, attached na a thin copper wire na create what you see here The exquisite, whimsical look.

These batérie-powered Mason Jar Lights are equipped with simple On / Off switches a notched hales that can be used on the ground or suspended in the air na illuminate trees, courtyards, gardens, trails or other lascapes.

Combine our unique Mercury Glass Votive calestick, tablet charger a Table Confetti na create a modern, stylish look preyour event or special day. Our Mason jars are staard sizes so they can be used freely precrafts a DIY projects.

Add a lace ribbon na match your vintage theme a/or burlap na create a modern, rustic chic style. With just a little creativity, you can come up with a variety of Mason jar ideas na add a perfect nauch na your event.

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